Should I Invest In A Metal Roof For My Home Or Business?

Metal roofs have become one of the fastest-growing trends for both residential and commercial roofing in the United States. Many people around the world are making the decision to invest in metal roofing. Metal roofs have a variety of benefits, and a few drawbacks, as well. Here, BRAXCO Roofing & Contractors discusses a few of the pros and cons of investing in a metal roof for your home or business.


  • Minimal Repair & Maintenance – Metal roofs do not degrade the way that most roofing materials do. With properly installed and quality metal roofing, you will have to spend less on roof repairs or maintenance.
  • Wind Resistance – Metal roofs include panels that interlock or interconnect. This provides wind resistance compared to other roofing materials that just overlap or can get damaged by excessive wind.
  • Weight – Metal roofs are the lowest in weight for residential roofs available. This low weight allows the roof to be installed over existing shingles, eliminating landfill disposal.
  • Energy Efficiency – Metal roofs can reduce summer cooling costs by up to 20% or more.
  • Fire Resistance – Metal roofs provide lasting resistance to airborne sparks and embers, protecting from exterior fires.
  • Problem Area Solutions – Many roofing materials rely on failure-prone sealants for difficult areas such as flashings, dead valleys, and transitions. With metal roofing, those areas can be flashed with matching metal.
  • Home Additions – Roofing materials tend change, making it difficult to match older products if add an addition. Most metal roofing manufacturers are consistent with their material, helping homeowners in case they add to their roofs later on.
  • Clean Look – Roofing materials begin to deteriorate from the first installation. This affects the look over time due to wear and tear. Metal roofing, on the other hand, can keep a very fresh “new roof” look longer.
  • Environmental Friendly – Depending on the product you choose, a quality metal roof should have recycled content from 35% – 95%. Additionally, the roof should be 100% recyclable rather than require landfill disposal like other roofs.


  • Time & Cost – Every roof is different. Metal roofs have to be built piece by piece to fit the roof layout. This can increase installation time and costs.
  • Noise – A metal roof can have a slightly louder rumble or decibel level. When it rains or hails on a metal room it is typically louder than on a shingle roof. If the noise is a concern, roofing contractors can install more insulation and sheathing to minimize the sound.
  • Damage – Generally, metal roofing can be dented more easily than traditional asphalt shingles. That doesn’t mean it isn’t high-quality. It means you metal roof may need to be repaired after a hail storm or if a branch falls onto it.
  • Stand Out – If you don’t like attention, then a metal roof might not be for you. Metal roofs tend to have great visibility and will attract people who will want to talk to you about it.


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