What To Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

When it comes to your roof, it can be a second thought for many homeowners. Even though your roof may not be the first concern, it is the first line of defense when it comes to rain and storms. When homeowners neglect their roof, many problems can arise. If homeowners wait until leaks appear in the ceiling, they could already be facing much larger problems. Structural issues, mold growth, or damaged insulation can all be potential issues. A roof inspection can avoid many of these problems. Here BRAXCO Roofing & Contracting discusses roof inspections and what you should look out for when inspecting your roof.

Debris Or Growth

Start your roof inspection by walking around your home or business and checking the roof for unwanted growth or debris. Both can cause serious damage to your roof. Piles of leaves or debris can trap rain and other unwanted moisture. This creates pools of water that, over time, seep into the roof and get into the structural elements of the roof itself. It’s recommended that you clear this debris from your roof immediately. Moss and other growth are especially dangerous because it soaks up rainwater like a sponge. The moisture can cause the wooden structure underneath your roof to mold and decay, which can compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

Buckled or Curled Shingles

Did you know that hot air in your attic can cause your shingles to warp, buckle, or curl? Buckled or curled shingles can compromise the integrity of your roof. These shingles can cause poor ventilation and allow water to further damage your roof. If you find that a big majority of your shingles are curling during the roof inspection and repair process, it’s time to replace the entire roof.

Damaged Or Missing Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles are also very bad for your roof. Asbestos, slate, or clay tile roofs can suffer from breakage. It is important to look for cracked, chipped, broken or missing shingles. If you’re performing a metal roof inspection, check for signs of corrosion, rust, stress wrinkling or other wear. As for asphalt shingles, check for signs of wear. Asphalt contains gravel-like granules. As the shingles age, these granules will break free and find their way into your gutters. If you see a lot of asphalt granules in your gutters, check the roof carefully for damaged or missing shingles.

Inspect the Roof Up Close

If possible, perform your roof inspection up close. While you’re on the roof, look for damage to the flashings around the chimney, dormers, and vent pipes. Damaged or corroded flashings can let water into the interior structure of your roof. This can contribute to rotting in the structure of your roof and the walls of your home. If you see the damage, it is recommended to replace the flashings ASAP.

Investigate Your Attic

Does your home or business have an attic? It is important to look for signs of water damage. Doing this can help you spot damage that may not be visible from the ground or your roof. During a roof inspection, check the rafters and the wooden interior of your roof for signs of moisture, mold, and rot. If you see any water damage, you will want to call a professional roofing company like BRAXCO. Regular DIY roof inspections will help you get to know your roof, so you’ll be able to recognize problems before they get too serious.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

On average, roof inspection costs can range anywhere from $75 to $500+. The total cost may depend on your roofing materials or what is needed to do a full inspection. If you are trying to save money or you can’t find a contractor to come out, you can safely do it yourself using a reliable roof inspection checklist. It is always recommended to get a professional, so be sure to call BRAXCO today to schedule a roof inspection.

How Often Should You Have a Roof Inspection?

It is recommended to perform a roof inspection twice a year. Typically, roofing companies like BRAXCO perform inspections in the spring or early summer to ensure that it hasn’t been damaged by winter storms. You should also check the roof again in the fall for damage done by summer thunderstorms, falling tree limbs, and other potential hazards.

Need A Roof Inspection?

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